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Sergio Dalsania, M.D.

Sergio C. Dalsania, MD

Dr. Dalsania's philosophy: "centralized yet personalized" medical care. His practice exemplifies his philosophy. He started his first and only practice right here in Statesboro directly upon completion of medical training in 1998. He has been able to coalesce his love of medicine and his passion to deliver comphrensive individual care to all of his patients.

The following is just a sample of services offered in the office: in-house lab, cardiac monitoring, circulation and nerve conduction and diabetes testing. Moreover,
representative of his training and philosophy, Dr Dalsania reads his own
ECHO's, carotid dopplers, venous dopplers, and aortic ultrasounds. But, probably nothing exemplifies Dr Dalsania more than his skills in primary care dermatology. Dr. Dalsania has a dedicated Dermatology Suite where he offers the full range of dermatology services to his patients: from excising worrisome moles to draining abcesses to suturing lacerations, Dr Dalsania and his staff are truely "Personalized Central."

Sergio C. Dalsania, MD
Medical School: The University of Florida
Residency: MC of Virginia
Speciality Training: National Procedures Institiute in Dermatology

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